April Fools!

Sunday, April 1, 2012 1 Awesome Comments

Happy April fools! Fooled anyone yet? My dad april fooled me by telling me the school dates had been changed -.- Anyway, post below what you did today and whoever has the best entry gets a SS gift! This runs out at the end of the day, so be quick!


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  • Alyssa's Featured Life said...

    I know it already ran out, but I still wanted to share my story. xD My dad was working in the yard all day, so I knew he would want something to drink when he came inside. I took a pepsi can and poked like, 7 holes in the bottom of it and put all of the soda into a cup. It took forever because air pockets kept blocking the soda and I had to keep turning it back over xDD. After I got that done, I filled the can up with water (Took like, twice as long) then took aluminum foil, cover the hole, put plastic wrap on top of that, and sealed it with tape. I then put the can back in the fridge and waited for my dad. Now, what you're thinking is, now he drinks the water and is surprised, but actually, no. He got the can and popped it open, but was holding it and the water started dripping from the bottom xD!! So he took the can and dumped all of the water on me!!!!!! It was worth it though when I explained all of the hard work I guess I put into pranking myself. [:

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