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Sunday, November 6, 2011 4 Awesome Comments
How many of you here, take part in stardoll competitions. 

not the yucky ones made by stardoll.

but the ones made by stardoll users whether it is modelling or scenery or writing.
stardoll has alot of Competition Projects based on real life.
the great thing about is they also include great prizes, now I dont advertise anybody but
I will list some of the prizes from such competitions.

these are some prizes from stardoll competitions owned by users :
 "6 Month Superstar Membership, 1000 Stardollars, 10 Rare DKNY Items, 5 Elle Items, 5 Hotbuys, A Makeover, 1 LE Dress, A Tiara from Epiphany, 1 Antidote Bag"
"Position as Senior Model, therefore judging next season
Add campaign all about you
Your own graphic
Your own Mentor team
Your own portfolio (if you dont have one)
1 LE Dress

However, to participate in such competitions there are certain things required. 
for a modelling competition you would be set themes and then have to rumage starplaza to find clothes to suit the theme. 

for a photography competition, you would have to have a reasonable amount of camera effects from starplaza and have an original and imaginative eye. you would then take a picture of your take on the theme given to you.

For a scenery competition, you would have to be quite skilled with your scenerys, be able to bend arms and legs etc. 

how many of you have competed in such competitions, how many are interested in competing in such competitions ?

now there are some stardoll users that always seem to amaze me with their gentle grace, originality and kindness when it comes to trying to make a difference. 
however to get the attention of people like you and me in this world today you have to put something into it ( a prize) 
because we are soo self centred, doing things to get something out of it. 

looking through some blogs I came across this:
OMG; What a beautiful human being.

now the lovely Alexapie200/Austin, Made this blogspot.
I suggest you go look at it and sign up and read about it, he is even kind enough to give away a prize for something you should do for free and he is only 12.

This really made me smile and if this works correctly could be the start of a revelation.
now if you do visit him dont leave stupid comments like "your a boy ! why do you have a girl medoll are you gay ?" or even more annoying "ur a boy y u hv a grl medoll "
because on his presentation he has clearly stated that he doesnt like when people are mean etc. 
people that post that foolishness are usually childish and time wasters, I think he has a good sense of style (not what I favour but good all the same) 

and Austin if you see this just know you are a Beautiful Individual 

-Saskia x (pinkioriginal)

(as always double click pictures to make them bigger)

4 Awesome Comments:

  • StarMinimon said...

    I don't really enter in them because you have to be very lucky to win out of those 135 millions members i know not all enter but what about those who do? You have to lucky so i don't enter them:)

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