Are you going to see twilight?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 2 Awesome Comments
Powder me Pretty Heav!

Heyy guys!Are you going to see Breaking dawn?Well I've gota say heck yeah!Im going with my best buds at a 9,10pm showing with loads a popcorn! Taylor launter topless=compulsive drooling,What are you plans for the film?
Finally are you team edward or team jacob? I can't chose Taylor launteris the best looking but vamps rock!
Please answer my questions in the comments i love to hear from you!

Love you lots just like jelli tots  xxx

2 Awesome Comments:

  • ilgd said...

    i went to the cinema last year for the premiere of eclipse,the cinema was full of girls who were sighing and screaming every time edward or jacob appeared.So this year I'll just wait for the dvd to be released!

  • Heav said...

    yeh i hate it when people ruin the movie like that (yes jacob is hot but please try to shut up it what i had to say to the girls infront at eclipse!)
    thnx for your comment

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