The Fame Game on Stardoll: When things turn ugly

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 1 Awesome Comments
In the Stardoll of today, the Stardoll we know and love, The Fame Game is at an all time high - spamming, back-stabbing and hacking is considered normal. More focus is on achieving 'Elite status' than ever before. So, are some people on Stardoll for all the wrong reasons? I'm going to be looking back on the bullying, the back-stabbing and the most notorious incidents in the history of Stardoll.

The summer-muffin and fame.Lady.GaGa. case

This wasn't a very well-known case, but I thought it was important to include it. summer-muffin (no longer a member of Stardoll) was a very famous Lady Gaga look-a-like. However, when summer-muffin made a comment towards fame.Lady.GaGa., insinuating she was copying her outfits, all hell broke loose. summer-muffin's army of fans took it upon themselves to bombard fame.Lady.GaGa. with hate comments, telling her to leave Stardoll and never come back. Of course, fame.Lady.GaGa. was horrified and didn't go on her account for months, trying to get away from the bullies. The sad thing was that summer-muffin only made a few mildly rude comments, but her fans completely ambushed fame.Lady.GaGa. with hate, and summer-muffin got blamed. I witnessed this event, and what was said was utterly horrible. I was friends with both summer-muffin and fame.Lady.GaGa. at the time, and it was an awful time for them both. Now, years on from the incident, fame.Lady.GaGa. is back to herself, but sadly the same cannot be said for summer-muffin as her account was hacked. summer-muffin states on her facebook page that she plans on returning to Stardoll soon.

The lavenderluva case

This case upsets me, as it affected lavenderluva outside of the world of Stardoll. However, I still find what she did was silly and I cannot possibly condone it. This was a hugely famous story throughout the Stardoll community.  It all took place outside of Stardoll, as it happens, on TinyChat. I have always disliked this website and never plan on using it. I just find webcam-ing to complete strangers very creepy. Either way, lavenderluva went on this site and was said to have 'stripped' in front of the webcam. When questioned by the police, lavenderluva said that she had removed her dress because she felt hot, and had forgotten she was on film. This was witnessed by fellow Original Club members and a few random people who were not associated with Stardoll. This ended up with lavenderluva's account being deleted and Original Club getting deleted too. What is the case now? Original Club is still closed (although hardcore OC fans have created fake clubs to gather in for now) and lavenderluva is currently on Stardoll under a different account whose name I will not include to protect her privacy. 

The tylerisbold case

tylerisbold is a Starblogger. He has climbed to perhaps the highest rung on the 'Elite' ladder by becoming one. His posts mostly consist of posting about 'viral videos'. The drama with him seems as though it doesn't stop. tylerisbold (originally called tylerisbomb) labels himself as Elite. In one nonsensical blog post he said 'I am not elite. I am elite.' I do not want to seem as though I am hating on him, but tylerisbold is everything I dislike about self-proclaimed 'Elites'. He has been in multiple fights with various users, hitting the Stardoll headlines for all the wrong reasons. It is sad that somebody who is supposed to be looked up to by Stardoll society is so notorious.

So, to conclude, I think people nowadays are too interested in being the best of the best. What happened to the innocent site on which we all used to dress up dollies and get along?

Evie x

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