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Hello, my name is Ashley and I’m a new writer here on the2glams. I will be looking at Danish and Scandinavian designers.

My first choice is Camilla Salgaard, who is a brilliant Danish designer. She graduated from Birmingham Institute of Arts and Design in 2010.
Her designs are feminine and tailored to the female body’s structured and gracefull. Camilla plays with shapes and volume of her design style, which makes the clothes look beautiful and modern on a woman's body.Each of her designs are created with the aim to fit the female body, so you feel pretty and feminine.

Camilla Salgaard says of her own design: "... I think that my clothes rest in their own creative personality and radiate a natural soul. The look is strong and charismatic "..

I personally like the shapes, the soft round bulky forms, which is expressed in her designs. It is a play with the visual and mathematical, which means that you can talk about intelligent design in the sense that the forms are so finely adapted to woman's silhouette and therefore are wide ranging. It is also ultra-feminine, which means you can use her styles as complete sets or as individual elements with other styles.

If you dare to stand out in the crowd maybe try on a Camilla Salgaard design for all the christmas parties?

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