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Wednesday, November 30, 2011 2 Awesome Comments
So called hottest designs have been lacking in being unique, and some have been lacking just being pretty.
Number two is just plain ugly, as well as number 6.
Those type of designs can be made in a matter of seconds, without any effort at all which leaves me wondering how the hell did they get picked in hottest designs.
When you click on contests and events, then hottest designs, an area with you voting for designs appears.
Right now I'm getting curious about how you vote for designs, do you just click at random to earn your starcoins?
Or do you take your time and look for a design you actually think is creative and nice?
*I'll being posting photos of real life clothing from Stardoll later on. :)

2 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    True, these aren't the most original of designs but they aren't awful. Obviously they are good enough to make it to the top and I am happy for them. Imagine how happy this person is to see that their design was liked enough to be in the top ten. Yes, I agree some of the designs haven't been utterly amazing and unseen before but they aren't absolutely awful and ugly like you say.

  • newstardolllover said...

    I'm Not saying that they are awful nor ugly, I am just saying that they are lacking Creativity. Numbers 2 and 6. I do know what you mean, but the hottest designs should not be to plainly make someone feel happy, but to award those who have worked hard in there designs.

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