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Wednesday, April 13, 2011 2 Awesome Comments

Ok as you can see the pics look simmilar right? Yes maybe no? Well you can make pictures look like model photo shoot own stardoll. What i did i took this photo and made my on take of it on stardoll. with the fur jacket i used a fur rhap because i didnt use a one piece i used a two peice poco dotted bikinni. Instead of that lousy background on the reallife image i use a beach image. and with the new camara tricks with changing the images of color and all i decided to do black and white to give an edgyer feel
So what to do:
find an image you like
Dress the part making it your way
choose a background or solid colors or whatever
take a pic of it with or with out the new effects

 just decided to post this cause it really was intresting
to do and its really fun!
Comment so we can continue the raffle:)

2 Awesome Comments:

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