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All right I have a challenge for our readers! Can you go natural?! Take the pledge and try it out for a day! It will start the 29th! Which is tomarrow! Each person who signs up and complete the pledge will recieve a GIFT by me!

What to do:

Sign your stardolly name here. and sign up!

You must have on basics biage clothing on or any biage clothing

you must have no make up or accesories on such as eyelashes peircings or nail polish.

Take a picture and it will be posted up on the blog as our natural girls :)

The message of this,

To really just be natural no makeup really just being you. Natural shows good flaws about you and shows that you dont have to be pretty with makeup on.

2 Awesome Comments:

  • SammySdx said...

    Hey there!
    My stardoll name is SammySdx

    (I was kinda bored so I did this picture... hope you enjoy it!)

    With love, SammySdx :]

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