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Tuesday, April 12, 2011 2 Awesome Comments

Hey Everyone!

Today, i will talk about 2 stores, and some other stuff ;)

First of all there is the new store called: Perfect Day. It is inspired by the wedding of Prince William of England and Kate Middleton. I like the dresses, but they are sadly only for superstar! The headresses are mostly non-ss so thats pretty good! There are some interior items as well!

Here is the couple in real life:

Then there is a new store called: PIX. Its kind of a rip-off. 50 stardollars, for 100 images extra space on your camera?

What do you think?

There are some effects as well.

Now, maybe you remember me doing something like this, 
but I am going to do it again!

I will make outfits looking like outfits of your favourite celebrities so that you can look like them!

Please write in coments:
1. Which Celebrity
2. If I should do make-up, outfit, or both!

Pallie xox

2 Awesome Comments:

  • May said...

    I would rlly L<3ve if you could do a Lady Gaga outfit! Ive done her make-up many different ways, and would love a great way to compliment it with a great Gaga outfit!!


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