How to: The smokey eye

Sunday, April 10, 2011 1 Awesome Comments
You've all seen the look! The sophisticated, classy black eyeshadow with the white crease! And it looks good on *virtually* all dolls. Now, everyone does it there own way. Do it how you like it! But let me show you my technique...

Start off my adding lots of lashes! It gives it a true dark tone.

Then, layer on the black eyeshadow. Make sure it is applied evenly in a rounded shape, as shown:

Now, as seen on celebrities and stardollions alike, the white crease!

If you haven't already, apply other makeup. [blush, lip gloss, accessories] And to make it, yes, even darker, you can put on SunnyBunny black tear drops over the black eyeshadow.

Hey guys, this is a new blogger, Stardollyrocks! I hope you enjoy my work. It's really great being on this blog. I'm having so much fun, and I hope it benefits you all!

1 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    The white on the picture is not crease - it's the inner corner of the eye. Also, 'smokey' is not only the technique, but shading as well. The black shouldn't be just a solid color, it should go from darkest to lightest (grayish color) before fading into white. Just thought I'd point that out (I didn't mean to criticize it harshly if that's what you think...)

    But I guess this is a very simple way of doing it. Useful blog entry(:

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