HB shoes out!(:

Saturday, April 16, 2011 6 Awesome Comments

I really like the shoes(:

6 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    You just wrote that you like the shoes. WTF!!! Is that even a sentence!?
    You should say: This shoes are really nice! They are inspired by Miu Miu Spring Colecction 2011 *add a pic of the real ones* and blah blah blah... That is a really nice thing to read, and NOT just some words!


    and others

  • Anonymous said...

    Love the criticism and our staff and team will do better with writing better post.
    love the criticism.
    honestly though if your the same person from the topic "comment" i think your intentionally being rude. just saying.

  • 0rebecki said...

    I love the shoes.
    And to the other comment, just shut the fuck up! Honestly, you can't tell her how to do her job. Got a problem then don't read the blogg. God.....


  • twilightgirl995 said...

    Thanks for the feed back! I can understand why a lot of people would like to see the real life shoes so I found them:


    A&J, maybe you would like to put it in your post?

  • Anonymous said...

    Thanks a lot for the add of the pic! That's so much better! Oh, there are another ones that are black and white and others that are red and black... My fav. ones are the red and black...

    sorry for the rudness on the other comment :c sometimes that's my way to say things...

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