The Designer of the Dress :) and more!

Saturday, April 30, 2011 0 Awesome Comments
The Stardoll Dress! Isnt is beautiful? I personally love the lace and all! Its different and makes a statement in the royal family!

The Reception Dress I love it but the cardigan reuins it!

The lovely Real life image of the dress! It has way more detail then the stardoll one! She is just so pretty! I love the Dress its very simple but very eligant at the same time! The lace is just gorgeous I dont really like lace and all but the way its on her its so beautiful.

The designer of the dress! Sarah Burton she designs for the label Of Alexander McQueen who passed in Februay 11th 2010! She did a great job! I dont know how the kept this dress hidden but they did a great job!

Congradulations to the new married couple Prince William and Princess Kate.

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