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April 2011 Hotbuys

1- Hot Buys Sweater. Out 1st of April. Shop: Fallen Angel.
2- Hot Buys Sunglasses. Out 3rd of April. Shop: Spectacular.
3- Hot Buys Pants. Out 5th of April. Shop: Fudge.
4- Hot Buys Bag. Out 8th of April. Shop: Folk.
5- Hot Buys Cobra Brace. Out 12th of April. Shop: Voile.
6- Hot Buys Dress. Out 15th of April. Shop: Pretty in Pink.
7- Hot Buys Shoes. Out 17th of April. Shop: Rio
8- Hot Buys Stud Jacket. Out 20th of April. Shop: Evil Panda
9- Hot Buys Lace Tank. Out 22nd of April. Shop: Bisou
10- Hot Buys Chiffon Kafta. Out 23rd of April. Shop: Rio.

Top (Hot Buys Sweater) By Balmain;

Sunglasses (Hot Buys Sunglasses) By Fendi

(There are a few that look like them)

Trousers (Hot Buys Pants) By: Criminal Damage 

Clutch Bag (Hot Buys Bag) By: Marc Jacobs 

Ring ( Hot Buys Cobra Brace) By: Ileana Makri 
(Bracelet on stardoll)

Dress (Hot Buys Dress) By: D&G

Shoes (Hot Buys Shoes) By: Mui Mui

Hot Buys Stud Jacket I couldn't find): Sorry.

Tank (Hot Buys Lace Tank) By: Kiki de Montparnasse 

Dress/Top (Hot Buys Chiffon Kafta)  By: Thomas Wylde

What do you think of the new Hot Buys? I think most of them are really cool.

Thank You(: Bye xx dizzabell09|Ciára♥

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