Easter inspired make up turtorial!

Saturday, April 23, 2011 1 Awesome Comments
Please note that some of the steps in the pictures may be hard to see since light colors are used and the pictures had to be shrunk, please feel free to click on any step (picture) to enlarge it if you need to see what is being done. - Thank you
1) First apply Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara
2) Apply a light purple eyeshadow to the lid
3) Add a more vibrant purple to the outer corners of the eye
4) Apply a light yellow from the inner corner to the eyebrow
5) Apply a light green right below the eyebrow and on top of the purple
6) Add a more vibrant green to the middle of the eye
7) Add a light pink to the outer corners of the eyes to help fade it out
8) Apply a light purple pencil eyeliner to the bottom of the eyes
9) Add a vibrant light green pencil eyeliner to the bottom of the eyes to brighten them
10) Apply black liquid eyeliner all around the eye
11) Add purple wings with liquid eyeliner
12) Apply false eyelashes
13) Add a peachy blush to warm the cheeks
14) And last but not least add some lipgloss to light colored lips!

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