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Update: this is the daily reminder, we need more people to see it only 2 days left to vote! i have gotten no feed back from you, does this mean you don't care?

I Dr.pretiest_prepp will be giving therapy for all those girls who need it,

what is this i am talking about?

well so many of my stardoll friends have been traumatized by being scammed or hacked, well now me and the2glams i know for sure we will be giving out advise and ideas for all those whom regret a trade because you got ripped off or for all those whom need help if they do not know if an item is RARE.

before this can proceed i want to have a clear idea who would love this as a new thing for the blog. A poll will be up for 4 days, please make an honest vote and tell us if you would love to have this new addition to the blog!

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