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Monday, July 26, 2010 0 Awesome Comments

Yesterday I interviewed our very own writer : Bella_Swan_Lol, about her opinion on Stardoll changes and other interesting things ..

Pandaeyes239 :Hello and welcome to my interview , how are you ?

Bella_Swan_Lol : I am good, thank you (:

So as you probably know, there has been lots of talk about the new Stardoll makeover, what do you think about it ? Are you finding it easy ?

I think it is much easier, and I am getting the hang of it

If you could, what would you change about the new Stardoll ? Why ?

The chat. I don’t like how it pops you up.

There have been many new shops in Starplaza recently , which is your favourite ? Why ?

I like Stylein. The clothes are very classy

Also, what do you think of the latest Antidote Collection ?

It is very neon and cute. I have a lot! Very abstract.

In real life, are you mad about fashion ? What sort of style do you have ?

I am mad about the recent clothes, they are trashy and unappealing. I like to wear chic Black skirts, usually with a white ruffle collar shirt, a colorful necklace, and some cute wedges. I am obsessed with Zebra prints now!

Which fashion season is your favourite ? Why ?

I love fall clothes. They have a cute palette and nice length

Finally, do you have any big goals or achievements on Stardoll?

I am trying to find Stardoll’s greatest, and create an Elite hall of fame, with many members in the club.

That sounds great, good luck with that !

Thankyou for your time !

Thanks :)
- By Pandaeyes239 ( Interviewer )

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