70 Million Member Gifts !

Friday, July 30, 2010 3 Awesome Comments

Unfortunately I couldnt upload any pictures as blogger wouldn't let me, if anyone else could I would be gratefull ..

If you go to your suite, you'll find 5 gifts in boxes by your closet. These will be the 70 million member gifts, consisting of : a plain blue t-shirt, pink stripey top, green shorts, blue sandals, a 70 million member balloon and a 70 million member poster ! I think these are quite basic gifts and don't show Stardoll's appreciation, however the Blue Sandals and the Pink Top could be of some use , in my opinion :)
What do you think ? Do you like the gifts ? Post your comments below !

- Pandaeyes239 :)

( Thanks to Chinchillarus for the awsome banner )

3 Awesome Comments:

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