7 Top Tips For Saving Money !

Thursday, July 29, 2010 0 Awesome Comments

For Non- SS especially, saving money can be challenging, but with a helpful few tips, this dreaded task can become a little easier :

1) Only buy what you think is necessary. Do you really need a 12th pair of shorts ?

2) Always check out sales or starbazaar in Starplaza, if you are looking for something. This way, you may be lucky and find it really cheap, or maybe even find a Hotbuys item going cheap at the same time !

3) Play and Earn ! This is probably the most easiest way to gain 5 FREE stardollars. These can be earned by : Rating a Medoll, Rating a Scenary , Rating an Album, Rating a Design and Rating a Catwalk Model - it sounds like hard work, but with 4sd and 1 to keep, its worth it :)

4) For Superstars, when you recieve your ( however much you get ) stardollars each month, don't spend them all at once. The best thing to do is maybe make a note of the things you need and buy them first, before the desired items :)

5) If someone has something in their sale that is at a good price , maybe ask the person to hold it back for you, whilst you compare the price with the same item at another sale - this way you can be sure that your getting the best deal.

6) Dont buy things just because their new and everyone has them. Take the new Antidote for example, some people, like me, werent too keen on it, however some people buy lots of these items just because everyone has it and its the 'latest thing' to have on Stardoll. But remember that some older things are just as good as the newer ones, so remember to not always buy the new and latest items, and take your time to have a look around :)

7) Makeup. Every girls 'must have' item. But when you go makeup shopping, make sure that you don't buy, say 10 different brands of the same colour of eyeshadow, this can be where most people waste money on things that are practically the same :)

I hope these basic tips have helped you with your 'Money Management' -
Happy Shopping !

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