New Comp ! - win 20sd

Friday, July 30, 2010 10 Awesome Comments

Okay, so here is a new comp, the aim is to makeup your medoll in the new L'Octiane Makeup, make a tinypic image/photobucket image and post the link in comments.
The entrants will be judged by Myself ( Pandaeyes239 ) and The2Glams ( Owner ), the best medoll will win a whole 20sd ( by the end of the month ).
I will notify you be either doll mail or here in the Blog, saying when the Competition will end -

Good Luck Everyone !

10 Awesome Comments:

  • missray411 said...
    Hope you like it :) xoxox (my medoll/user is missray411 and my follower name is RandomGirl or something like that

  • Anonymous said...

    I went for a Raggedy Ann look. I hope you like it. My username is StarSyd3333

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