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Friday, July 30, 2010 0 Awesome Comments
Last week I interviewed Stardoll Member Fredericca, about her views on Stardoll changes ...

Pandaeyes239 : Hello and welcome to my interview , how are you ?
Fredericca : Hi, I'm great!

So as you probably know, there has been lots of talk about the new Stardoll makeover, what do you think about it ? Are you finding it easy ?
I liked the new design of Stardoll. However I found it harder to navigate the site.

If you could, what would you change about the new Stardoll ? Why ?
Would change the process of searching for friends.Increase the size of broadcast message.

There have been many new shops in Starplaza recently , which is your favourite ? Why ?
I love Chanel, it has a unique style.

Also, what do you think of the latest Antidote Collection ?
Not much taste. They are expensive and not so beautiful.

In real life, are you mad about fashion ?
I love fashion and decor.

What sort of style do you have ?
A mix of chic, comfortable and stylish.

Which fashion program is your favourite ? Why ?
What Not To Wear. You can learn a lot about fashion in this program. Teaches that to be trendy need not have a defined standard of beauty and not much money.

Finally, do you have any big goals or achievements on Stardoll?
I would love to be CoverGirl, I would be happy to show my style and my suite for several people!

Thankyou for your time !
Thank you for inviting me to your interview.Until next time. Fredericca ;D

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