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Wednesday, July 28, 2010 10 Awesome Comments

Its still going in case you didn't see Here is the text:

Hey guys! This new comp gives you a chance to win 20 sd (if you are ss) and 4 ss gifts if you are non-ss
So the comp is this:

Go to starplaza and give your doll a makeover. Take a screenshot of it ( alt+ Printscrn)
Upload it onto tinypic or photo bucket and put the link in your comment along with your username. The2gLaMs and I will be judging this competition. The theme of makeup is date night. Pretennd you are going on a date and what makeup you would wear. and as a bonus add why you would use that makeup. I will alert you when the comp ends!

Chinchillasrus :)
Smile Smile Smile :)

10 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    idk if this worked but i tried.
    my stardoll user name is kylynnca

  • Anonymous said...

    Hi :] ,
    I'm Alissa Shull.
    My Stardoll user name is alissashull101
    I'm not a superstar. But i wish i colud be.
    Anyway here is my creation:
    Hope you like it :]

  • Anonymous said...

    Hiyas! I'm non- SS but I really wish I could be one. <3 Anyways, My username is RoxxyTheNerd and this is my makeup:

  • minimoe26 said...

    Here's my entry.. I'm not a SS..

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