Wigs Becoming Very Popular, But Why?

Sunday, January 29, 2012 6 Awesome Comments
A couple of months ago, Stardoll gave us a new feature- Stardesign Jewellery. Someone must of figured out how to create new hair and since then, this has been the latest craze. Where ever I seem to go, someone is wearing a wig. I agree, some of them are pretty nice and it's good that we have freedom to express ourselves, but why are they so popular? So, I decided to do a little research after asking some of my friends (who will remain annonymous) who wore these wigs why they do. Well, I had about 5 people saying they did, then 2 of them giving reasons, but, we have two reasons anyway lol! So, one of them said they wear their wig because they can express their personality in every new wig that they make, and the other Stardollian (who is a fellow writer for this blog :'3) said because they look nice. They do look nice though, don't they? ^^ Here's a picture of the wig that I made today- The beret was made by www.repcica click HERE to visit her suite and check out some of her other amazing designs. Anyway, here's me wearing my wig ^^

(click to enlarge)

Even though only two of the five people who said they'd answer actually answered, we have got SOME opinions, right? Do you like stardesign wigs, or do you prefer just the normal Stardoll ones? I like both personally, it depends on the wig. Anyways, byee, thanks for reading ^^

Update: I have someone elses opinion ^^ They said they make a wear them because it's fun to do and there's lots of freedom meaning you're not limited to just the Stardoll hairstyles.

-Sam :]

6 Awesome Comments:

  • bracken1234 said...

    It's been so long since stardoll created new hairstyles. So when other people create them it's great fun. I have some but I don't always wear them. Only if i'm fed up with stardoll hairstyles.

    ~ bracken1234

  • givemeantlers said...

    It has been a long time since stardoll created new hairstyles. I've even emailed them about it, I'm so fed up. I have a few wigs but I hardly ever wear them. It's just nice to have the other options if I want them. I also love seeing what designs everyone comes up with.

  • loong said...

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