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Sunday, January 29, 2012 5 Awesome Comments
Hello, it's Vanilla-Ica here, my might remember me, you might not but oh well x3 So, I got a new laptop for Christmas and since then, my blogger has been really dodgey & I couldn't get onto the 'new post' page. So, for a long time, I haven't been able to post, but, now I can :] Sorry for not notifying you The2Glams, I kept on forgetting, I've had a lot of SATS homework. So, now onto my topic. I've been thinking about music lately, so I thought I might prepare a little quiz for you to do. Don't look at the answers though, and no googling!

♪♫Music Quiz♫♪

Question One: Who sang the song 'Titanium' with David Guetta?

Question Two: Which band sang the song 'One Step Beyond'?

Question Three: In which month of 2011 was the song 'Louder' released by DJ Fresh?

Question Four: Airplanes ws sang by B.O.B and another singer, who was it?

Question Five: On the 15/1/12 Jessie J was number 1 on the Charts with which song?

Now, here are the answers. Don't cheat!

Q 1; Sia
Q 2; Madness
Q 3; July
Q 4; Hayley Williams
Q 5; Domino

If you want you could put your score in the comments, or just keep it to yourself, it was just a bit of fun! :]

-Sam :]

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