Friday, January 6, 2012 8 Awesome Comments

Since the HB glasses were out yesterday I was thinking of making an HB comp poll.
You will need to tinypic your doll wearing a cool outfit with these glasses I have on. You dont have to buy the glasses you can just go to the starplaza and makeover your doll there.
After you tinypic your doll's makeover go to this blog and paste your link in the comments below.
Winner will receive 20sds!
Dont edit your picture.
Dont ask for votes.
So who wants in?
If we get a lot of people to join, we will be doing this comp every time an HB comes out :]



8 Awesome Comments:

  • harajakulove said...

    hi! here is my outfit
    stardoll id: harajakulove
    there is one thing that i wanna say...all u guys have made amazing outfits! tough competition :)
    best of luck everybody :)

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