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Tuesday, January 24, 2012 5 Awesome Comments

havent posted in a while; I geuss cause' I didnt know what to post as there are sooo many writers here, that by the time I see stardoll news its already been posted 3 times -_-

so, anyway, v-day dot :D
I dont actually know why I'm sooo excited about this (maybe its because I have hardly any makeup) 

anyway, I'm going to show you my faverouite pieces and then I'll put a look together using only new makeup pinkioriginal style.


so anyway, I was on two sides about this makeup, as its gonna be like LE its not gonna be here forever so should I just buy it all ?

I did not buy it all, and I geuss I'm anti v-day as the majority of stuff I bought was purple.

- Dusk Kiss Mascara
- Dusk Kiss Eyeshadow
-Dusk Kiss Eyeliner
-Lavender Dove Eyeshadow 
-Violet Mystery Eyeshadow
- Violets Hope Eyeshadow

and it totalled at 32 SD.

anyway heres the look :

taa taa for now dollies - Saskia 


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