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Saturday, January 28, 2012 3 Awesome Comments

Hey Girls and Guys!!! There is new Game Zone decor!!! A lot of the items have 150,000,000 on them. I don't really like this because we will get more members and when it is like 200.000,000 it will be outdated. On the bright side a lot of the items are cheap and up to 14 SD. There is also a lot of items for starcoins!! I think the games they showcase are, Super Mario Bros., Pinball, And pretty much everything 8- bit. There are 3 cute pillows on the first page. The first says Ctrl the next says Alt and the last says del. That is SO cute! I wish they came in different colors but the gray matches a regular keyboard. There is also a lot of moving objects such as the TV, The 150 mil users sign and the pinball machine! It is really cool. I actually have a whole room dedicate to game zone im such a fan girl :P But seriously I think this is how everystore should be. It is perfect :D Sadly I have no picture because this computer won't let here is the old school Super Mario Bros.

~Esme <3

3 Awesome Comments:

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