VMA`s Review. Kylee`s Corner.

Monday, September 13, 2010 3 Awesome Comments

Kylee`s Corner, VMA`s Debate
As many of you know, The MTV Video Music Awards were hosted by Chelsea Handle last night. First of all, she`s sort of funny, but I found SEVERAL of her 'jokes' extremely offensive. Anyway, LADY GAGA. She was dressed like a fricking cockadoo. And when she said "Gays", I could see the look on Ellen Degenerees`s face, that "You son of a..." expression. Then, on Lady Gaga`s second outfit, she was dressed EXACTLY like Ke$ha, in their dumb Garbage Bag dress idea. Next, Taylor Swift`s sob story? Honey, get over it, Kanye West interrupted your speech, WE GET IT. Go cry with Jacob Black somewhere else. Next, Broken Bells? Now who the heck are you? Puh-lease, NEWBIE. What do you think of the awards? Comment now, and the funniest reactions will be posted. Thank you.

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