Strange Things We Do.

Friday, September 3, 2010 2 Awesome Comments
Stardoll members everywhere. We do such strange things. I have recently been doing an undercover psychological exam, with a few unsuspecting members. If you have received an interview from me in mail, you will soon be in for a big surprise.

Stardoll members don`t even realize the things we say and do. Sometimes we aren`t aware of how drastic our actions really are. But take it from an anonymous source, who was willing to give us some label-free information I have included for you below.

Hello, Anonymous.
Hello Kylee.
How are you today?
Good, thank you.
So, you study psychology at a university in Germany, correct?
Yes, I do, thank you. I have been in university for 2 years, and I have some thrilling information for your audience today.
Okay, let`s begin. What are some things Stardollians do and don`t quite realize?
That is a very good question. Us Stardollians sometimes do quite peculiar things during our day on Stardoll that we don`t even realize. First one, we can be very big hipocrites. In the pictures you supplied below, Stardoll members express disagreeing opinions on new clothing collections, such as this season`s limited edition collection. We all bashed on it, but on almost every superstar suite, you are wearing one of the newest limited edition or deeply disliked antidote items.

Is that all anonymous?
Yes, for now, but I have many more psychological exams and facts for you next time, Kylee.

Thank you for reading the first case in Kylee`s Mysteries, only on Stardoll-Local-News.

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