Um, WTF? The blog is "innapropriate" ?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 5 Awesome Comments

Well, WTF? First of all, I just read Arianna/Jocelyn`s post, and, THE BLOG WAS HACKED?! WTF? Whoever works for the blog and DARE to do that, eff you! Pardon my language, but that pisses TICKS me off. Now, why would you ever hack the blog? You write for it, dumb arse! Urgg.

Second of all, when I went to visit the blog, a post by blogger popped up that said this blog was flagged with innapropriate content, and I had to agree to visit with "Caution" ? WTF to THAT? FML.

Don`t flag our blog, dumb shit arse.


5 Awesome Comments:

  • FionaK20 said...

    Well you swore in this blog post :/ plus she said that someone had written blue waffle all over the blog which is internet slang for something really disgusting and i think that's what blogger is blocking

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