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Monday, September 27, 2010 1 Awesome Comments
Hey guys, I got this idea from this member of my club, and decided that we should have this big comp for my club(The-Nerds). This is basically the samething as Miss Stardoll World, so most of you guys will know how this works. The judges and I will choose 10-20 nerds to participate in this comp. We will have tasks and will have a poll for ppl to vote on who wore it the best that week. The winner will get 100sds (shopping spree) and if it's a non ss that wins, then she/he will get 10 ss gifts and will be manager in our club.
Just fill this form out to sign up:

Please fill this out if you are signing up in this topic.
Why do you think you are the best nerd girl in this club?:

Deadline:In two week. Or maybe in one week, not sure still.

1 Awesome Comments:

  • Nita G said...

    I am the best nerd girl in this club because well, Im nerdy and Im a girl, my nerdness shines through me. Im smart and all but i am funny and awesome, i know im just bragging but i just started and the first club i signed up to is nerd club, im a nerd and im proud !

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