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Tuesday, May 28, 2013 2 Awesome Comments
save imageHello there fellow readers. It took me some weeks to say these, I finally brought myself to this. I'm leaving SLN. Why you may ask? I haven't been posting, I try but I just cant bring myself to this. Currently in my life I'm dealing with some problems that I wouldn't like to say as I would possibly be judged. So thanks for being there for me and reading my blog posts. Thanks to the fabulous owner for giving me this job, I honestly couldn't have gotten this far without you.
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My SLN life- how it affected me
SLN was the first blog that I really worked for. The2gLaMs offered me this job, and I of course couldn't deny this! I loved writing, it's been my best subject, so I knew I'd be perfect for this job! I've been through almost everything with SLN. When I was offered, I thought it would only be for a week or that this was just fake, but instead, it opened up a world I thought I'd never live.
  When writing on SLN, I've always wanted to own a blog, just to myself and some other people. Sadly, that failed. I gave up on blogging later on. When working for SLN, I got to interview so many famous girls, like Kusja. Doing that was such an honor, that I honestly thought this would be the hardest goodbye for me (even when I moved cities). 
  The popularity for me didn't rise like I hoped it did, but after a few months, I was fine with that. I did win a contest on SLN for the best writer, that made me try to be popular (again) ,that I didn't happen of course. I did get noticed though. I was offered to write for some other blogs, but I didn't want to leave SLN.
                     My first blog post was about a girl called Lollymollygoo / I.like.rice sadly, I.Like.Rice was deleted by Stardoll. I.like.rice sold jewelry wigs, which she won tons of awards from, and made designs that weren't as popular as the wigs. To see my first SLN blog post: Click here
My first blog post only got 2 comments and 62 pageviews. When I was in OC, I mentioned this blog a few times. Eventually I got some posts with views up to 200+. This increased the readers count SLN gets daily. 
Before i was ever blogging or had this job, I was just a girl wanting to be like every design winner. Wanting to look beautiful. It took so many months, but now I got it. Art123peace (a very good friend of mine who I has kind of left Stardoll) got me wanting to be a writing when she told me about SLN. Of course I've known SLN for a long time, but I honestly never thought of being a blogger. 

Now it has come to that time, when I decided to leave my job, so that some other girl could do what she thought she couldn't do. So many of you read this blog and probably think "Man, I wish I blogged for this blog". So, for the next writer and future writers to come, thank you for reading this blog and for achieving something that only a few can do. Chase your dreams. Live them. 
4/16/2O12 - 5/28/ 2O13

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