Stardoll is Changing!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 3 Awesome Comments
Stardoll is going to be changing soon. I believe what you are seeing in the first pic is the new layout for the Starplaza. But I hope to see more of these changes soon. What do you guys think?

3 Awesome Comments:

  • poohg_1993 said...

    The first pic is the navigation between everything (shopping, scenery, etc.) when you play SD on Facebook. That's always been there. Not sure on the 'downtown' photo. Excited to see what comes!

  • Anonymous said...

    I really like the downtown pic so much! But not sure if I really want it. Before this might happen we should take screen shots of present day Stardoll and then make a timeline about how Stardoll developed lol :P

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