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Monday, March 4, 2013 0 Awesome Comments

 Hey there!

 First of all, sorry for not posting in the past few days, I've been very sick and I had lots of schoolwork to do. I'm very sorry...


 So, the other day I decided to create a new account just for the fun of it, and, the new members have SO MANY cool things that I didn't have the chance to do/own back in 2010, when I fist became a member.
First, you choose a random doll on the page, choose a username (etc) and create your account.

 Then, this comes out!

It is like the Stardoll Academy, but a way to show you how to start doing things around stardoll.
You complete tasks, move around stardoll with the help of these:

And you have the chance to win lots of amazing things! (pictures below)

 When you complete this tasks, you get a letter form the Stardoll Academy, where you can complete even more tasks and recieve more money and gifts.

 I guess this is a little bit unfair for the other users because the new members get make up and a nailpolish just for opening a StarPlaza bag. And I remember not even having any help to find the stores, album, clubs, etc...

 What do you think?

Lots of kisses, SammySdx

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