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Saturday, March 30, 2013 0 Awesome Comments

 Hello there!

 First of all, I am not dead. I haven't been posting in maybe a week (?), but it was all because Stardoll only had a few sales and nothing that interesting to write about, and also I had problems with my account, and so on...

 There wasn't a My Saturday last week because a program I had kinda got broken :( but I have good news, I might start working on some graphics if I have the time so yay!

 So, I don't have the program so I couldn't put all the info in just one picture as I used to do, so (sadly) I will only post the pictures and write a little. 

This week I made a Military looking outfit.

 - The shoes are from Antidote and you can get them for only 2 SD if you search for them in the Bazaar;
 - The jacket might be one of my faves in my doll's closet. I got it at Miss Sixty for only 9 SD, because of the 50% sale;
 - Also, one of the most important itens is the necklace, which also makes the outfit more military looking. It is from Diesel and it's 3 SD.

 For the make up you can use dark green and brown shadows and keep it simple on the lips.

 So this is it for now guys, I'm very sorry for the very poor looking post but I hope you liked the Must Haves :)

Lots of kisses, SammySdx

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