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Saturday, March 9, 2013 0 Awesome Comments

Looking for a freebie or spoiler writer. If you think you can keep up with the latest news, then comment below your Stardoll user, so I can have a way to contact you. If you want to be a freebie writer, then you must be able to find the latest freebies, there might not be a freebie out every day, so you might not need to be constantly active on this blog. But if there is freebies out, you are responsible on posting it on the blog asap.
For the spoiler writer, you must have some experience using the spoiler link. You also must be able to post the spoilers every day. There are new spoilers almost every day, so this job is a bit harder. 
Now, those are the jobs I am looking for, so if you are chosen to write for any of those jobs, you must ONLY post spoilers or freebies. Anything other than that will NOT be permitted  This is the only warning you will get from me, if I catch any posting about other topics, when there is plenty of stardoll news to post on, they will be removed from this blog. The only reason I am being harsh on this, is because I have no time to look over everything that is going on in my blog, since my college classes keep me real busy. 
If you still want to be a writer for this blog, please comment below. 

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