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I have some news for you today. Do you know how there's a new offer for superstars for stardollars? 25% off or something? Well, I got one (I'm not a superstar) and on it, it said that since I was a superstar (again, I am NOT a superstar), I could get a deal on stardollars. I was NEVER a superstar, but I've always gotten certian superstar benefits, such as having all 4 suite rooms early, being able to make a new club after deleting one after 1 week instead of 1 month, and little stuff like that. Do you think my account is glitched, or if stardoll itself is glitched?

Also, another odd thing. I had a glitched out Stardoll Academy for, like 2 months, meaning that I couldn't complete a challenge. but yesterday, it decided to just complete the challenge for me. I even contacted stardoll when I first noticed that happening and they didn't really give me a good response, so I thought that my stardoll academy was glitched, but I don't know why it suddenly decided to work again, I'm almost positive it wasn't the staff. Any thoughts/suggestions?

Stardoll is getting weirder and weirder by the day, do you think that it's a problem in the system, or if there's jusst something wrong with my account? Also, I'm not the only one with this problem... I've asked several people...

Comment with your thoughts!!

xoxo yingsmiley

1 Awesome Comments:

  • ThePinkitas said...

    Stardoll is getting weird. I, PerkyRed, was deleted today for nothing at all! I didn't recieve any warning from my Doll Mail, but they sent a message to my real email saying I severly broke their rules. I never spoke one mean word! You could say I'm not so perky right now!

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