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You will need 3 different colors of blush...
  • Red (any red you happen to have it doesn't matter)
  • Rose blush (the darker pink one but again doesn't matter)
  • The blush that best matches your skin color (this matters)
How to apply correctly

  • Take you red blush and depending on your particular taste put on 2 layers from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your nose on the out side of the cheek
  • Take your skin color blush and apply as many layer as you need over the red until it suits your fancy!
  • Take rose blush and again according to taste apply 1 or 2 layers on top of the skin color blush
  • Take skin color blush again and put on as many layers as you want to lighten the look the more layers you put on the more natural a look :)
Hope you like it! For more tricks and tips stay tuned!

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