Lady GaGa March Vogue Makeup Tutorial !

Friday, March 4, 2011 0 Awesome Comments

Sorry I haven`t been able to post in a while , I got caught up in some projects I`m working on [:

Yes- this is a makeup tutorial to make your MeDoll look so fabulous- just like my beloved Mamma Monster did on the cover of March American Vogue .

You will need ;

First , I started out with my doll looking like this :

If you`re non-SS you don`t have to use those lips but I thought they were fierce just like GaGa ^.^

Then , I added white volumising & lengthening mascaras

A bit of light pink blush in a V shape

Purpley lipstick and Luxe gloss .. I used the lighter lipstick first , then added the dark one over it

And finally , pink hair dye :)

Then you`re done ! x

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