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Sunday, March 27, 2011 0 Awesome Comments

Hi Everyone! I am Melanie/Fastpitchmo. I am new to this crue & I am very exited! I thought I introduce myself a bit and you would like to get to know me? 
About me: I come fromt he United States. I am 12 years old & I love the arts, music & God. I am not your average teenager. I like to have fun, but kick it old skool. I am very weird, and awkward once you get to know me, but I am straight up haha. I love to make friends. I love my friends. My favorite band is Flyleaf. I love the colors related to blue  As I said I live & love God. I am very grateful to be here. I love to be original & express myself.

My Job: What I will do here is basically bring you contests, doll of the week and tips on Stardoll. I hope you'll like my posts they'll be very interesting.

My Tumblr: If you have any personal questions I would love for you to visit my Tumblr. I love to get GB visits but Tumblr would be more formnla & easier for me to keep up any questions or refrences. Also I always follow back (;  My Tumblr is www.those-yellow-tears.tumblr.com

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