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Friday, November 1, 2013 2 Awesome Comments

Hey guys!
I decided to change the template for this blog and I finally finished editing most of it.
I hope this won't be too confusing for you guys. Just so you know the slide show will take you to specific blog posts. For now it is set to take you to the "Sweet Suites is Out" post and "Freebies: Ever After High". There is two slides, so one picture will take you to one specific post and the other picture will take you to a different post. I will change the slide show's pictures every week or so. I may also add a caption or something on them later on, so you can know exactly where that picture will re-direct you.
Ok, I hope you like it! Took me a while to find the perfect template and figure out how to edit it.

2 Awesome Comments:

  • JanaStarlite said...

    I like this... change can usually be good, and fun. I'm wondering what it is above the comments box that says, Name... and then under that, in a different font it says "Author description. Search this text in your template code and replace it."

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