Today was a VERY special day for a couple SD Members

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 2 Awesome Comments
I went to the club "OC" and saw that they were talking about this special glitch that was happening. They were talking about FREE SS! We had to use this code, that they gave out in the topic and type it into the box where you purchase you SS Holiday Pass, by SMS. So, I did do what they told me and I imediately got the FREE SS! I didnt have to use my phone number to purchase, just the code, so it didnt charge me anything. I made four of my other acc SS using the same code. Sadly it stopped working, the glitch was only on for a couple min in the morning, so it doesnt work anymore. Btw the ppl that used the glitch won't have their acc deleted, since it wasnt their fault, only SD, they should of never let that happen.
I juse wanted to inform all those who didnt know about today in the morning.

2 Awesome Comments:

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