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Hi guys if you have been to my page recently you would have known that i did put up on my pres i am starting a new comp for this blog it will happen every week this will NOT be the main part of my job on here.Anyway the comp.. is for best-dressed i put make-up on there for any girls that want to  try and  win.  this is for non-superstars ,superstars anybody all you have to do is tell me in my guest book that u want to be nominated and save in your album your favourite out on a PLAIN page no accessories on it at ALL please.Also i put on my pres if you want to nominate someone its all good and well you want to but you must tell them, today i had a girl write in my blog i want  nominate so and so and i went to  this persons page and asked them by friend request about being nominated and  they said i dont want to be nominated like i was getting screamed at through a laptop! what im trying to say is that you can nominate anyone you want but....
1)you MUST tell them
2)you MUST tell them to save there favourite outfit on a PLAIN page in there album
3)they must tell me in my guest book that they WANT to be nominated

all the best and love

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