Why We Shouldn`t Tease (All Scenes READ)

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You`ve probably heard of the latest hair trend, "Teasing", right? It`s a cute scene hairdo that is booming around the nation. When you thinking of teasing, you think of straighteners, extensions, and hairspray. But what is wrong with this iconic hair trend?

Recent studies show shocking and horrific results. When you take a comb, back brush or panel brush and quickly move it up and down for that dramatic look, you are weakening your hair roots. The roots cannot withstand that much of a pressure on the precious follicles, and begin loosening. And even harder teasing can lead to hair loss and large chunks immediately ripping off your skull surface. Horrible, right?

Thats why all teasing hairbrushes are slowly but surely becoming recalled for the safety of the public. The FDA no longer approves short-sales of all teasing kits, accesories and supplies. Even Teasing tutorial Youtube videos are becoming banned.

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