Monday, October 18, 2010 2 Awesome Comments
if you prefer to judge the Miss Opportunity competition sign in the comment box telling us your stardoll name, why you should judge our models , girls that do the best judging will receive a prize as well, sign up ends oct 31 and its prize will be revealed when we reveal the other prizes, embrace your self's its gonna rock!

2 Awesome Comments:

  • Nicki [AKA Tapstar321] said...

    I am currently hosting a Poise Models modeling competition for my magazine Forever Chic. (Owned by Star.Oscars)
    I am also a judge for competitions of Legend Models. (Owned by AislinVictory)
    Therefore I have experience with judging for competitions. I am fair, but honest with my critique and comments. I don't just say what the person got wrong but how to fix it for better results next time. I have a unique sense of style but am open to all kinds; I don't judge by what I like as a style but what works well and indicates a good style and a good knowledge of fashion.

  • lollypop1999val said...

    I might not have judged for BIG pagents but I have judged over15 pagents envolving school,church,and family pagents I always choose who i think deserves it.I dont pick people just because their my friends i choose them 'cause their good.I have good taste in fashion and personality

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