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Hello There :]
Im the new writer YAY! Im so very very happy :)

heres a little something about meh
12 years young ;) Born in Phillipines , I moved to Canada in the age of 9 . When ? January 26, 2007 .i am in Grade 7. Clearly imma girl . LMAO.  I LOVE blue . I am very very very RANDOM, and people like me that way. Im very very shy.   I  LOVE lady Gaga, Katty Perry, Bruno Mars I Love them .my Role models are Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan . I am a computer geek .and i am also a gamer. I love Jersey Shores . Im in love with music,  ^.^

hEreS meh firSt post

Do u Like these? 
would you buy them if they were team Jacob and team Edward ?

OH YES . my stardoll name is trish620 :) Buh bye :)

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