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Hey guys! 
Today I want to talk about a site, where I've been a member since 2012, 
it is called Influenster. If you do know about this site, then you're one of the
lucky ones. However, those who haven't heard of it stay tune because I am about to tell you 
what Influenster is and how you can join too!

What is Influenster?

Influenster is a lot of things actually. 
It's a place where members can actually get
FREE products to review and talk about things
you love!


(My recent Voxbox from Influenster)

These free products come in a 
package called a Voxbox. They will send you products
based on the things you like, so you know you are getting some
great products every time. Another great thing is that these products are
FULL SIZED products. 


Also, besides the free products you can check out the site to 
find product  and other kinds of reviews. Reviews from REAL people.
This has helped me so much in determining whether to buy a product
or not. Saved a lot just by using this tool. 

In addition, you can also write a review for any product. 
The categories include:
Health & Beauty
Food & Beverages
Mom & Baby
Retailers & Services

The Hub

Moreover, there is a place called 'The Hub' at Influenster where
members can show their blog posts or videos to other influensters! 
It doesn't have to be all about reviews but whatever you're interested in. 
For example, there are Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, IN-Fluenster, 
and Entertainment related posts at The Hub. 
If you are interested in getting your work published at The Hub
all you need to do is email your work at

So, now that you know a little about what Influenster is all about, are you
ready to join this amazing site?

How Do I Join?

(Picture of the current Home Page of Influenster)

You can either join by having someone who is already a member send
you an email invitation to the site or you can go directly to the site.

When you go to you will see a page similar to 
the one you see above. I say 'similar' because Influenster likes to 
update the site from time to time to keep things
interesting for the members.
On the top right corner you can select 'Sign Up'.
From there a screen will pop out just like the one below.

(Picture of sign up page.)

You can sign up by email or by using you Facebook 
account to input all the information for you.

Once you add your email it will ask you to create a password
for your account. Next you can fill in your personal information 
or you can do this at a later date.

Getting Started

(Sample of an account page)

Once you have registered, an account will be created for you from
there you can link all your social media accounts and increase you 'Impact 
Score'.The higher the number in your impact score the more programs you will qualify for.
That means more Voxboxes for you!

Also, your account page will tell you if you have any Snaps to complete.
Snaps play a  part in deciding which Voxbox will best fit you. Snaps mainly
involve you answering some questions. So, I highly suggest for you to keep an 
eye out for any Snaps that need your input.


The other deciding factor are your badges, Badges are, well, badges. They
are virtual badges that can be obtained by clicking on the button called
'Unlock Badges'.


You can unlock as many badges as you want. There are two 
types of badges: Expert and Lifestyle. These deal with people's interests. 
There is a badge for just about anyone so you
will definitely be able to find some that best fit you. 


Now, let me guess, you are wondering if you've been qualified to
receive a voxbox. Well, there are two ways you can find out.
One Way:
Below Snaps you will see something called "Campaigns".
This is where you can find out if you have been
qualified to any Voxbox.

Check your email. Influesnter is always quick to send out those
emails to those members who have just qualified for a voxbox.

The Influenster App

Lastly, if you are like me and are mostly on your smartphone when surfing
the internet. Well, Influenster just created an app where you can
check out the site through your phone! It has all the 
cool tools that the main site has, but made to view on your mobile.
To download the app go here:

Now, that you've learned what Influenster is and how to join, are you ready 
to be one of the hundreds of thousands of influensters? Join now and get started! 


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