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Friday, August 9, 2013 0 Awesome Comments
I was thinking of making a video about this, since a lot of people want to know how to find the best deals on Stardoll. Like cheap clothes and stuff like that and here are my tips for you.

*Go to the Starplaza and in the 'Catalog' you can search there for all Starcoin Fashion, Decor, and Beauty.

*You can also search in the Starbazaar. Search on something specific, so that the search isn't too big. Also, put in how much you want to spend and the currency (scs/sds) you want to use.

*Buy when Stardoll has those sales. DON'T buy clothes right away. For example, if a new shop is out, don't be tempted to pick out the clothes and add them to your cart for purchase. Trust me, I have regretted doing that, since every time I would purchase clothes right away, Stardoll comes out with a sale and I end up losing money. 

I hope these tips will help you and if you want more types of posts like these, then comment below. Also request what you want for me to do next time.

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