Fallen Angel Decor Shop: Review

Sunday, August 11, 2013 1 Awesome Comments

Hello, dolls! I am glitter162 (a new writer on this blog) and today I will be writing a review on the new décor shop in Starplaza: Fallen Angel. Let's begin.
Fallen Angel décor has a wide variety of decorations to choose from, and most of them are pretty practical, something that a user would actually like to display in his or her Suite.The colors are nice and dark, however there is a little too much... pink for this collection. I would like to see more colors such as dark purple, green, blue, etc.

The pieces have pretty good quality, but most pieces in this collection are definitely not worth the price.
The price is what have most users are distraught about, considering this is a somewhat decent collection. 12 Stardollars for a flower vase and a box? 10 Stardollars for a candle? These prices would only do for Royalty or users that have high amounts of Stardollars to spend. Not to mention, there are only 3 Starcoin items- a disappointment for users who do not have Superstar membership.

Variety: 8/10 stars
Proper Color: 7/10 stars
Quality: 8/10 stars
Price: 5/10 stars

Overall Appeal of Collection: 7/10 stars
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What do you think of this collection?




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1 Awesome Comments:

  • Cool.Glimmer said...

    Glitter, I already got to know that u were going to be a Fall writer on this blog ('coz I visit the2glams' account frequently due to makeup tutorials). Anyways, great post. Hope to see more posts like these!

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