New Doll - Hayley Williams

Friday, April 5, 2013 0 Awesome Comments

 My prayers have been heared!

 Hello there.
 Today a new doll has been released, this time, it was Hayley Williams (Paramore), my favourite female lead singer.
 I've been asking stardoll for this for a long time, using this tool:

 And the doll I've been waiting for is finally here!
 The only thing I am not happy about, is that stardoll's graphics on this dolls are getting worse and worse. In my honest opinion, Hayley looks weird. Her eyebrows are a little bit weird shaped and the hair looks like it was made of paper and glued on her head, because it only has three colours and it's not blended and also because the bangs are just one simple line.

 And if anyone of you knows and likes the band Paramore and follows their work, you will know for sure that Hayley's type of clothing is way different from this clothes that stardoll made for her.

I'll leave you with a music called Monster, hope you enjoy it as much as I do :)

Lot's of kisses, SammySdx

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