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Tuesday, April 30, 2013 2 Awesome Comments

Everyone on stardoll wants to earn more money. I want to share with you some great ways to earn money, some obvious, some not so obvious. Here they are:

1. Make new accounts and gift yourself stardesign fashion so you can recycle them for starcoins. You can get up to 50 SC a day.

2. Go to settings, earn stardollars, and complete offers. I suggest the surveys. I've earned about 3000 SD from them and I'm a non-superstar. Wow.

3. This is my biggest trick yet. I go to 4loot.com and earn free facebook credits. Then I go to stardoll.com to transfer the facebook credits into stardollars. I haven't gotten that much, but this is a very easy way to get a lot at once.

4. Facebook has some offers as well. Go to the facebook stardoll app, click on shop, and there should be a little button in the tabs that pops up saying "Earn Stardollars" or something like that.

4. Lastly, I go to stardoll facebook every day and I get more than 300 SC and 5 SD every 2 weeks. It's not a lot, but it adds up.

I know most of these are a bit time-consuming, but I only spend about 10 minutes a day earning money for stardoll. That's way better than spending your/your parent's hard earned money that took them hours to make just for virtual toys. Plus, who can't use a little bit more money?


P.S. ALL OF THESE WORK!! Do not post mean comments and stuff like that please, I've tried all of them and they're all stardoll-approved non hack non cheat ways to earn stardollars! Hope you enjoyed it :)

2 Awesome Comments:

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